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2010-09-26 14:32:18 by Aeroth

Am very bored.

Is at home, Not at school.

2010-09-15 07:41:22 by Aeroth

Because I have an ear ache. Not any old ear ache. No. This ones is like an army of ninja bears in high heels having a glam rock festival on my ear drum.


I have a summer job.

2010-07-22 16:15:13 by Aeroth

Don't really know what i'll be doing, or how much i'll get, but all I know is I'll be payed in money.

Yah... money... fuck yeah...

The old post was old.

2010-07-07 13:41:56 by Aeroth

New post is new.

Five minutes to minute upon writing, and I have just remembered that my last years new years resolution was to submit a flash to newgrounds that didn't get blammed. And what a failure that was...

Happy fucking new year.

Probably a poem

2009-08-10 08:52:15 by Aeroth

This is probably the most anti-climatical poem/story that you will ever read/hear that I wrote because I was bored.

"NOOOOOOO!" Shouted Charlie,
As his father died in vain,
Slaughtered by an arrow,
Fired by the feared Dru'dain,

"I shall avenge thee!" shouted Charlie,
His mighty blade he drew,
He charged into battle,
And many Dru'dain he slew,

At least that is how,
Feeble Charlie planned it,
Instead he swung he sword and tripped,
His throat slit by a bandit,

Not every story ends,
With triumph and bliss,
Even though one good thing,
Did eventually come from this,

Charlie's fathers brain,
(A nasty shade of blue),
Was extracted by the Dru'dain,
And made a tasty stew.

Comments anyone?

That was a bit rubbish

2009-04-02 03:22:30 by Aeroth

So what was the point in that china thing? Okay, it was for april fools, but it wasn't even funny.

Sorry to ruin fun

2009-04-01 15:15:54 by Aeroth

Sorry to ruin the fun, but its time to end it.

1. Notice the date.

2. What rhymes with "china rules"?

Then you might get it...

Oh yah...

2009-03-27 20:33:06 by Aeroth

I am no longer 13. So suck on that.

Soul fighters adjustments

2009-01-25 17:05:20 by Aeroth

Here's what I think should be changed about the game "soul fighters" by trecero. It could be a great game, if a few adjustments were made.

FIRST THING: the whole, "you can counter, block, or attack... but you can go high low or medium too!" thing is quite good, but it goes a little too far. if you go by the idea that your oppenent will pick any random move out of the 9 available, here are the chances of each move.

Attack - 7/9 chance of doing damage, 1/9 chance of doing no damage, 1/9 chance of taking damage.
Defend - 7/9 chance of taking no damage, 2/9 chance of taking damage.
Counter - 6/9 chance of taking no damage, 2/9 chance of taking damage, 1/9 chance of countering.

From this, you can easily deduce... that its quite hard to pick what move to do. It complicates things to be honest (and thats without putting in movement directions). you may as well randomly pick one, in fact humans are rubbish at doing random, so the computer is more likely to win.

However, you can make it less complicate, and more user friendly if you were to bring it to this. Take out "medium". leaving only high moves and low moves. that would make the chances...

Attack - 4/6 (2/3) chance of doing damage, 1/6 chance of doing no damage, 1/6 chance of taking damage
Defend - 5/6 chance of taking no damage, 1/6 chance of taking damage.
Counter - 4/6 (2/3) chance of taking no damage, 1/6 chance of taking damage, 1/6 chance of countering.

can't you see how that would make it more user friendly? it would uncomplicate things and make the game fairer.

SECOND THING: You don't necessarily have to go with this, and I don't think you will, but... I think you should replace defend with throw. so that throws beat counters, counters beat attacks, and attacks beat throws. also, throws send the enemy once space back, and do small damage. lets look at the chances then...

Attack - 5/6 chance of doing damage, 1/6 chance of being countered.
Counter - 1/6 chance of countering, 1/6 chance of being thrown, 3/6 chance of taking no damage, 1/6 chance of taking damage.
Throw - 1/6 chance of throwing, 2/6 chance of taking damage, 3/6 chance of taking no damage.

In my opinion, that is the perfect odds. Hope my idea's have been helpful...


Soul fighters adjustments