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Probably a poem

2009-08-10 08:52:15 by Aeroth

This is probably the most anti-climatical poem/story that you will ever read/hear that I wrote because I was bored.

"NOOOOOOO!" Shouted Charlie,
As his father died in vain,
Slaughtered by an arrow,
Fired by the feared Dru'dain,

"I shall avenge thee!" shouted Charlie,
His mighty blade he drew,
He charged into battle,
And many Dru'dain he slew,

At least that is how,
Feeble Charlie planned it,
Instead he swung he sword and tripped,
His throat slit by a bandit,

Not every story ends,
With triumph and bliss,
Even though one good thing,
Did eventually come from this,

Charlie's fathers brain,
(A nasty shade of blue),
Was extracted by the Dru'dain,
And made a tasty stew.

Comments anyone?


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2009-08-16 01:46:15

Keep it up, really, I love these! ^_^

Aeroth responds:

yay :) I'll try, but the strokes of boredom that cause me to spew up these things only happen every few months.


2009-10-03 18:43:53

You should write poetry instead of trying to use Flash

Aeroth responds:

Thanks, but if you read the reply above yours you'll know that these kind of things only come out every once every few months and tend to be entirely by accident. I play about with flash in between.