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I have a summer job.

2010-07-22 16:15:13 by Aeroth

Don't really know what i'll be doing, or how much i'll get, but all I know is I'll be payed in money.

Yah... money... fuck yeah...


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2010-07-22 16:37:48

Boss: Wanna job?
Soon to be worker: Sure, does it pay!
Boss: Yep!
Soon to be worker: then i'll take it!

Money is awesome, there are four types of people in the world when it comes to money, the first type is the " I don't have money so i'll pull out a loan so i have money" type number two: "Hey i have money, lets go blow it on crap!" type number three: " Don't! i'm trying to save up to 1 billion dollars ( the savers) and last but not least, type number four: " Yeah, i have money, screw you why do i have to do anything? i have money, which means i can do whatever ( mostly the wealthier people that do tha, not all though...)

Aeroth responds:

Actually I'd group type 4 and type 2 together. Also you forgot type 5, "You don't have money, I don't have money, I'll lend you some imaginary money" (Bankers).


2010-07-22 16:39:12

pardon me for the incorrect spelling by the way :P